Pam’s Place is owned by Seneca, MO natives, Claude & Pam (Whitehead) Brown. After traveling to countless bluegrass festivals and playing in groups for over thirty years, Pam decided to establish a venue in which the local folks could come and enjoy family friendly entertainment.

“We had an empty building on our property, and since I had driven thousands of miles across the area to countless shows, I decided that I wanted to provide a place for musicians and an audience to come, listen and play good music in a warm, homey and welcoming atmosphere.” stated Pam.

Pam’s Place is a family friendly music theater that was established in 2008. The theater features bluegrass, country and gospel music. Pam’s Place prides itself on being a smoke, drug and alcohol free establishment – making an atmosphere conducive to good, quality entertainment that can
be enjoyed by all ages.

When you come to Pam’s Place you can expect to be treated to a great time! One of the first things you’ll notice as soon as you walk through the door is the warm, friendly and courteous atmosphere. Many of the guests have commented that it’s “like coming home.” It’s common to be greeted by smiling faces and a firm handshake. You can expect to see Pam’s brother, Clyde, popping his world-famous popcorn and his wife, Betty, serving frito pies and hotdogs at the concession stand. And, of course, Claude by the
freezer giving the kids a free popsicle.

Folks really enjoy checking out the decor. The decor in the theater holds strong ties to Pam and Claudes’ family. “Everything in the theater was brought to us by family and close friends. Each piece of the decor
holds good memories for them. For example, the old wooden chair on top of the greenroom was my grandmother’s.

The old victrola belongs to my brother Clyde and his wife Betty. There’s an old sign in the theater that belonged to an insurance company that was owned by my late brother Charles. There are numerous photos on the back wall of our family. And you’ll see, on the stage wall, a hat hanging by an old wooden door – that was my Dad’s hat that he wore on the farm all the time when I was a kid.”

Once the show is about to begin, you can find a comfortable seat and a friendly neighbor – which will likely be your friend by the time you leave that evening. Pam’s Place strives to bring you the best music this area can offer.